Code Related Queries

1. How many codes are needed to enter the promotion?

2 unique codes are required.

2. What are unique codes and how do they work?

One unique code can be collected from the inside of each Kellogg’s ‘Growing Kit’ promotional packs. The code is 10 characters long and printed in red or black ink. In order to claim your free Growing kit you need to collect 2 unique codes. You can then immediately use your codes to claim your free Growing kit on the Kellogg’s promotional website www.kelloggsalarabi.com/grow between 01/10/2015 & 31/03/2016.

3. What type of Kellogg’s products contains unique codes to enter the promotion?

All ‘Growing Kit’ promotional cereal packs.

4. Where on the packs can I find the codes?

Codes are 10 characters long, contain letters only and are located on the inside front panel of the Kellogg’s “Free Growing Kit” promotional packs. The code is not printed on the outside of the pack: please do not use any code printed on the outside of the pack to try and claim a Growing Kit. If the code you are looking at has been obstructed with glue this is not the correct code – please look inside the pack carton.

5. Where do I go to enter the codes?

First register or log in at www.kelloggsalarabi.com/grow. The following screen will allow you to choose the Growing kit you would like to receive and the subsequent screen will allow you to enter your unique codes from pack; you will need 2 codes to claim a free Growing kit. Your Growing kit will be sent to the address you enter.

6. I can’t enter my code, what do I do?

The codes are made up of letters only, so please double check that you are not entering any numbers. For example, the number 1 could be mistaken for the letter l, or the number 0 for the letter O.

7. I bought some Kellogg’s products to take part in the offer but it does not have a unique code inside, what do I do?

Please check that you have a promotional pack by checking if the promotional message “Free Growing Kit” is on the front. If your pack is a promotional pack, you should be able to find the unique code on the inside front panel. The code is not printed on the outside of the pack.

8. My code is illegible /damaged/ smudged, what do I do?

Please check you are entering the 10 characters code printed on the inside of the pack, do not use any code printed on the outside of the pack.

9. Can I input codes into the website and claim my Growing kit at a later date?

No, there is no function to store or save your codes on the website.

10. I have codes from another Kellogg’s promotion; can I use these to claim my free Growing kit?

You can only use codes from Growing Kit promotional packs to claim your free Growing Kit. Promotional codes found inside packs running different promotions are not valid to claim your free Growing Kit.

11. My code is not being accepted, what should I do?

Please check you are submitting your code in the correct format, using 10 letters only.

12. Can I enter my codes more than once?

Each promotional code can only be entered once. To claim each free Growing kit you will need to collect 2 unique codes. You can claim more than one Growing kit; however for each Growing kit you claim you will need to collect 2 unique codes.

13. I still have codes and the promotion has now closed, will I be able to claim my Growing kit?

You will only be able to claim your free Growing Kit between 01/10/2015 & 31/03/2016. We would recommend you claim your Growing kit by 31/12/2016 to avoid disappointment as this is when promotional packs are most widely available until. Unfortunately after 31/03/2016 you will not be able to use your codes to claim your free Growing Kit.

Website/Computer/How to Order Related Queries

1. I’ve entered my codes and nothing’s happening?

Please check you are submitting your code in the correct format, using 10 letters only. It is worth also trying a different browser or PC to see if this is effecting your submission.

2. Can I order more than one Growing Kit?

Yes, you can claim as many Growing Kits as you like provided you collect 2 unique codes for each kit.

3. Can I order multiple Growing Kits to arrive together in the same delivery?

You may place multiple orders; however Growing Kits may arrive at different times and may be in separate packaging.

4. Do I need a printer to take part in this promotion?

No, you do not need to print anything out to order your Growing Kits.

5. The Growing Kit I want to order is out of stock?

During the promotional period there is a chance that Growing kits may go out of stock due to popular demand. If this happens, we will do our best to update the website on a regular basis with news on when the Growing kits will be back in stock. If you have selected a Growing kit that goes out of the stock we have the right to substitute this with an alternative that is available.

6. Do I have to buy 2 packs of the same products to claim my free Growing Kit or can I buy different packs?

No you don’t have to buy 2 of the same Kellogg’s packs; you can collect codes from any combination of the following participating promotional packs carrying the Kellogg’s “Free Growing Kit” message. Please see below the promotional packs: Corn Flakes 375g, Corn Flakes 500g, Coco Pops Original 375g, Coco Pops Chocos 375g, Coco Pops Jumbos 375g & Frosties 500g.

7. Will I need to re-enter my information each time I want to claim a new Growing Kit?

Yes, you will need to re-enter your details to confirm each request for a Growing kit.

8. My computer/the website crashed while I was claiming my Growing Kit. How will I know if I have made a successful claim?

To check if your claim has been successful, please check the email address you entered for a confirmation email. Remember to also check your junk mail or spam folder for this email. If your submission was successful you will have been sent a confirmation email.

Growing Kit Related Queries

1. Are there clear instructions on how to use and plant the seeds?

Yes, there is an instruction sheet with written instructions and diagrams to follow. You can also find further instructions on the Kellogg’s website, www.kelloggsalarabi.com/grow.

2. Will the Seeds grow in my garden?

If the seeds are planted in the correct weather conditions, the seeds will grow. We recommend you fill the pot provided with new potting compost to avoid garden soil with weeds in it. All seeds will vary in germination rates.

3. Are there certain amounts of Growing Kits and designs available?

There are two types of Growing kits, Tony & Coco both with rocket seeds.

4. Are there items in the Growing Kit that my child might accidently eat and cause danger to their health?

Please see the warnings on the Growing kit highlighting that all elements of the Growing kit are not suitable for human consumption. We recommend parents to help their children with this activity so they can be supervised when needed and enjoy the experience together.

5. What are the Growing Kits made of?

1 X Box – Single Corrugate Cardboard 1 x mini planting pot – PP Plastic 1 x mini shovel – PP Plastic 1 x envelope of seeds – Tissue, Paper and Seeds 1 x instruction sheet – Paper 1 x Growing head wraparound – Paper 2 x stickers

6. What if my plant is too big for my pot?

When your plants have grown too big for the pot, carefully replant them into a larger container or outside and reuse or recycle your plant pot.

Delivery Related Queries

1. I want to take part in the promotion but do not have internet access. How can I take part?

Internet access is required to enter the promotion. If you do not have access to the internet at home or work, why not ask a friend or a member of your family if you can use their internet?

2. How will my Growing Kit be sent to me?

The Growing Kit will be delivered by post, please allow 90 days for delivery.

3. How long will it take to receive my Growing kit?

Please allow up to 90 days for delivery.

4. Who do I contact if I have not received my Growing Kit after the 90 days have passed?

Please contact MiddleEast@kelloggsconsumercare.com to inquire about the delivery of your Growing Kit.


1. Can I buy a Seed Kit from Kellogg’s?

No, unfortunately Growing kits are only available as part of this promotion and are not for separate sale.

2. Where can I buy promotional Kellogg’s packs from?

Promotional Kellogg’s packs will be available in all major food retailers across Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman & Lebanon.

3. My supermarket does not have any promotional packs.

Promotional packs can sell quickly and are sold subject to availability. Growing Kit packs are most widely available 01/10/2015 until 31/12/2016.

4. I have entered my details but do not want to receive any further correspondence from Kellogg’s, what should I do? / How will my personal information be used?

Unless you have requested to receive further correspondence from Kellogg’s, your personal details will only be used to deliver your Growing kit and to contact you throughout the promotional period. You will not be sent any further communications from Kellogg’s.

5. Is there an age restriction to claim my Growing Kit?

Yes, you must be 16 or older to claim a Growing kit.

6. Can I exchange my Growing Kit for another gift/cash alternative?

Your free Growing kit cannot be substituted for another gift or for a cash alternative.

7. What are the terms and conditions for this promotion?

The full terms and conditions for this promotion can be found on the following link www.kelloggsalarabi.com/grow.


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